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 Agamegold:Bowman guide

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PostSubject: Agamegold:Bowman guide   Agamegold:Bowman guide Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2009 8:50 am

Stats points allocation

As an archer, you will only need STR and DEX. You shouldn’t ever put points
in any of the other categories. You should also try to roll a 4 INT and 4 LUK build when you create your character. If you don't want to waste 15+ minutes, you can also try to get a 4/5 or a 5/5.

You should always have 5 more STR than your level since you want to be a hunter. For a crossbowman, you will need as much strength as your level. Example:
Level 35 hunter should have 40 STR.
Level 35 crossbowman should have 35 STR.

This is because of the strength requirement on bows/crossbows and other pieces of equipment. Put ALL the remaining points in your DEX. Dexterity is what will affect your damage. Higher is your DEX, higher is your damage.

What you need to know:
STR = your level +5 (hunter)
DEX = every remaining points

Level - STR
10 15
15 20
20 25
25 30
30 35
35 40
40 45
45 -- (No new equipment)
50 55
55 -- (No new equipment)
60 65
65 70
70 75
80 85
Every other point should be in DEX.

I would put the 5/10 points in STR at the level you need it. For example,
If you need 20 STR at level 15, I would put the 5 points in STR all in one shot, at level 15. If you don't, you will do a little less damage from level 11 to 15. Even though level 80, 90, 100 equipments may not be out in your version yet, they probably will someday. We know already there are level 100 equipments in some versions

Archer builds

As an archer, you will want to max critical shot as soon as possible. It will be useful forever. It works with every offensive skills and normal attack. Amazon's eye is also a necessity. Shooting monster from a big distance can save you a lot of time and potions. As for which attack skill to take between arrow blow and double shot, refer to the proper section.

Level - Skill points
10 +1 blessing
11 +2 blessing +1 eye
12 +3 eye
13 +3 eye
14 +1 eye +2 critical
15 +3 critical
16 +3 critical
17 +3 critical
18 +3 critical
19 +3 critical
20 +3 critical
21 +3 double shot/arrow blow (1 in AB is required for DS)
22 +3 double shot/arrow blow
23 +3 double shot/arrow blow
24 +1 double shot/arrow blow
25 save
26 +8 double shot/arrow blow
27 +2 double shot/arrow blow


Having more range at the beginning will make you save a lot of cash that you would spend on potions. Having more range means being farther and safer. Critical is of course a necessity. As for level 25, saving your points is a good idea since after level 10, double shot/arrow blow consumes two times the MP. So if you save your points, you won't have to buy two times as much MP potions for only a little more damage. For level 28/29/30, you can spend your points in either blessing or focus. If you go without final attack in second job, you should take focus because you will have enough remaining points to max it.

Attack build

Level - Skill points
30 +1 arrow bomb
31 +3 mastery
32 +3 mastery
33 +3 mastery
34 +3 mastery
35 +3 mastery
36 +3 mastery
37 +1 mastery +2 booster
38 +3 booster
39 +1 booster +2 soul arrow
40 +3 final attack
41 +3 final attack
42 +3 final attack
43 +3 final attack
44 +3 final attack
45 +3 final attack
46 +3 final attack
47 +3 final attack
48 +3 final attack
49 +3 final attack
50 +3 arrow bomb
51 +3 arrow bomb
52 +3 arrow bomb
53 +3 arrow bomb
54 +2 arrow bomb
55 save
56 save
57 save
58 +13 arrow bomb
59 +2 arrow bomb +1 power knockback
60 +3 power knockback
61 +3 power knockback
62 +3 power knockback
63 save
64 save
65 +9 power knockback
66 +1 power knockback +2 booster
67 +1 booster +1 soul arrow
68 +3 booster +1 soul arrow
69 +3 booster
70 +1 soul arrow +2 booster

Training tips

-In your early levels, you may want to use a melee weapon instead of a bow. If you do this, you will save a lot of cash, but you will probably level slower. Some even put points in strength to have better melee damage. You can do it if you want to. Just don't put too much point in it.

-Some people will try to steal your kills in your early levels. There are not a lot of solutions for this. The best one would be to go at a less crowded map, or to change channels.

-After level 35, you may consider buying mana potions to level. Before this, it's not really needed. It will just make you poorer. Once you start one hit killing boars, buying mana potions is the best solution. You will level twice as fast as you did.

-At level 40, you may start to use scrolls on your bow. At first, you probably won't have enough money for 60%, but 100% can do. One extra attack can give you around 6 more damage at that level. More you level, the damage you get is higher.

-Some of you may want to use bronze or steel arrows for more damage. It will help you only if you don't use soul arrows. I used to think that soul arrow works with those arrows since the damage is shown in the stats screen. After had some experiments, I came to the conclusion that these arrows don't work with soul arrow. (I killed a snail and my damage was under my minimum, even if the snails have 0 defenses.)

-Use jump shooting the most possible. You won't have to stop to kill the monsters, which can save you a lot of time.

-Using warrior potions and speed potions can make your leveling much faster.

Please search Agamegold for more information lol!

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Agamegold:Bowman guide
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