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 Warrior Guide

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PostSubject: Warrior Guide   Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:28 am

Starting Up
MapleStory has an alternative way to obtain your first job. Unlike most MMORPGs, MapleStory doesn't allow you to choose your first job at level 1. Also, you must follow a specific method in order for you to get the best out of your character.

When we first start up MapleStory, we'll encounter the Create Character button. What we would like to do is to have the following stats.

INT: 4
LUK: 4
The reason is because INT and LUK will never be used for a warrior and the lowest a stat will go is 4. Therefore, we'll maximize the amount of STR and DEX we can get and minimize the amount of INT and LUK. Please know, you must keep rolling the dice until you recieve that combo. It may take up to 20 minutes to complete this. If you're impatient, an INT and LUK of 5 is fine also.

As a Beginner
Now that you're a beginner, you can start training by attacking snails that are found all over. The Heneseys Hunting Grounds are a great place to find them. As you level up, you will gain 5 AP. These points should be spent only on STR and DEX. We've come up with a formula to help guide you as to how STR and DEX should go.

DEX should be twice your level until a certain point, and every other skill point should go into STR. It is recommended that you stop adding points into DEX sometime around 50 ~ 80 points in DEX, depending on how much money you are willing to spend in order to gain more accuracy.

You should also remain in Maple Island until you reach level 10. At level 10, venture all the way to a city called Southperry and go all the way to the opposite side and talk to Shanks. Shanks will then ask you for 150 mesos and will transport you to Lith Harbor.
Becoming a Swordman
Now that you're in Lith Harbor, in order to become a Swordman you must venture to the dusty city of Perion. In order to go there, you can either follow a path on your World Map or find the ticket booth that is just a little off from the boat you came from.

When you arrive to Perion, go to the highest peak of Perion and enter the portal. Inside, you will find Dances with Balrog. There, you should talk to him and follow his instructions to become a Swordman. Please remember, the following stats are required to become a swordman, but if you followed the guide you should be fine.

You must be level 10.
You must have at least 35 STR.
Now that you're a Swordman, let's begin finding out what your warrior can do.

Swordmen have several skills that helps assist them when training. These skills are listed below along with additional information. On the next page, we will discuss how to use these skills to your advantage.

Picture Name Master Level Prerequisites Type
Improving HP Recovery 16 None Passive
Improving Max HP Increase 10 5 Points in Improving HP Recovery Passive
Endure 8 3 Points in Improving Max HP Increase Passive
Iron Body 20 3 Points in Endure Supportive
Power Strike 20 None Active
Slash Blast 20 1 Point in Power Strike Active
On the previous page, you have seen the skills of the Swordman. Now, you must choose how to spend it. Although we have compiled a list of Builds for you, it is absolutely up to you as what you can do.


Standard Build
This is the standard build for Warriors. This build is the most effective and recommended of the Warrior builds, as you gain as much HP as possible while also maxing out your vital skills.

Alternate Standard Build
This build is similar to the standard build. With this build, you will max Power Strike before points are applied to Slash Blast.

Iron Body Build
The skill Iron Body will be used frequently with this build. It provides an extra boost to your defence, while losing the ability to max out a vital skill, Slash Blast. This build is not recommended, but is still an option to go with.

Low HP Build
With this skill, points will be applied to your two attacking skills, Power Strike and Slash Blast. This is done before maxing HP Increase, which will result in a dramatically significant loss of HP. While gaining the extra attack boost during the early levels, this build is still highly unrecommended.

NOTE: Every Warrior will get a large amount of health when they make the second job advancement. It's ok to be on the low health side. If you have little health, remember you will get more health later on. But if you have a lot of health, you'll have a ton of HP at the 2nd advancement.

No-DEX Build
This build pumps up the STR to have maximum damage. With this build, you will not be able to attack higher level monsters. This build usually follows the standard SP build. This build is not recommended
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Warrior Guide
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