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 N e w G u i d e F o r Mage Lighting

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PostSubject: N e w G u i d e F o r Mage Lighting   Tue Apr 29, 2008 3:45 am

The steps :
1- First job
2- Training Spot lv 1 ~ 30
3- Skill making First job
3bis- Ability Point Making
4- Second Job ~ (Ice Lighting)
5- Training Spot lv 30 ~ 70
6- Skill making second job
7- Third Job informations
8- Credits

1)First job
You all know how to are mage ! Go elinia at lv 8... Talk to Grendel at Magician Library need 20 int, Welcome =)

2) Traning Spot
Lv 1 ~ 8 : Hit A snail and less the snail for a other guy kill to are lv 8.
Let's go Henesys, take the Taxi !
Lv 8 ~ 30 Slimes power. Take the quest for kill 8 slimes at the job master. DONT USE THE QUEST AND WAIT LV 30.

3)Skill Making
Lv 8 ~ 10 1 Energy Bolt
Lv 10 ~ 11 3 Improvre Mp Recovery
Lv 11 ~ 12 2 Improvre Mp Recovery ~ 1 Improvre MP Increase
Lv 12 ~ 15 9 Improvre MP Increase (Maxed)
Lv 15 ~ 21 18 Magic Claw
Lv 21 ~ 22 2 Magic Claw (Maxed) ~ 1 Magic Guard
Lv 22 ~ 28 18 Magic Guard
Lv 28 ~ 29 1 Magic Guard (Maxed)
Lv 29 ~ 30 3 Improve Mp Recovery

4)Ability Point
You need have 5+ Luk then ur lv. Rest in INT.

4bis)Second Job
Go to job master, take the letter. Go at the Job Instructor (Forest North of Ellinia), Collect 30 Dark marbles then u finish, u will receive Prof Of Hero, go to your job master and you will receive second job.

5)Training Spot lv 30 ~ 70
Lv 30 u got the quest of kill eight slime... After u take ur job use the quest u will are lv 33. Lv 33 ~ 50 Go at Terrace Hall (Ludibrium, Brown and pink Teddy)
Lv 50 ~ 60 Chronos (They drop mysthic shield)
Lv 60 ~ 70 Master Chronos (They drop esther shield)

6)Skill Points Making
Max Lighting Bolt Laughing
3 Mp Eater / Max Meditation
Max Cold Beam
Rest point in ur choice.

7)Third Job Informations
I'm not good at Third Job ... So u wil Try to help.
Go at the magician instructor at Chief Residence (El nath)
Go to ur Job Master and he say u need collect an item.
Go Door Of Dimension (Ant Tunnel Park), and kill the job master. After u kill, u got the item. Go give back to your job master, he give u Necklace Of Strenght. Go back to Chief's Residence and take to ur job instructor. Now go at Field to collect the Item. You need now to collect 1 Dark Crystal (10 Dark crystal ore..) Talk back to ur Job Master and you will Receive the 3rd job.


I make solo this Guide Ice/Lighting, and sorry for my sucking english. It's So Low to make a guide... W0w. Whisp me if need more informations.
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PostSubject: Re: N e w G u i d e F o r Mage Lighting   Tue Apr 29, 2008 8:13 am

Good guide and the only one pros for that XD cya in game some time XP
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PostSubject: Re: N e w G u i d e F o r Mage Lighting   Tue Apr 29, 2008 1:19 pm

clearly copied.
please edit and post a new one.
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PostSubject: Re: N e w G u i d e F o r Mage Lighting   

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N e w G u i d e F o r Mage Lighting
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