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 Customs missing/Bugs in .54

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PostSubject: Customs missing/Bugs in .54   Mon May 19, 2008 1:40 am

Ok first of all, i want you all to know that .54 screwed our NPC database a little. Therefore, fredrick doesnt work. I know the cause of this and it will be fixed soon like tomorrow cause daniel has to go to bed already.

Level 64 maple weapons. I decided not to release them.
No dont be angry yet.
I have decided to auction them in forum.
I have always asked you guys to be active here. Therefore take that as a gift ok?

Character creation. Take it as a blessing in disguise to cap the players Razz
But rest assured it will be fixed.

Hairstyles. Please be patient with us as i stated that the NPC database was screwed.

Autoban too will be removed. We failed twice on this.. I wont give up.

Thank you Smile

Stuff in .54

Fake Bosses

Cash Items and Cash effects available

Dragon Mount
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Customs missing/Bugs in .54
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