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 Hello to Everyone here at Celestial Maplestory!

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PostSubject: Hello to Everyone here at Celestial Maplestory!   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:40 am

Hello my name is Adrian which is also my username of this website if you haven't noticed but, that's not the reason why I made a whole new topic for is it? Anyway I just joined this site and apart from the fact that a non-stop constant message to vote for this site every 12 hours, I think it's a pretty good website. Although I haven't been here for long I assume this is a very kind and friendly website. Why did I join this forum well I just started playing maple again after three or so years and thought it might help if I joined a Maplestory forum so that I can have a few friends in Maplestory and catch up on what I missed out on. Anyway if you want to say hello just post something in this topic because I don't bite Wink

Oh and one other thing I have miss placed my old maplestory accounts so don't ask me for my IGN yet I still haven't decided which Server to play in (GMS) it would help if you posted the server that you play in and then maybe I can decide by the duration of the people on this Forum Smile
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Hello to Everyone here at Celestial Maplestory!
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